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  • Tony Piccinato

    Despite my doubts, youth hostels proved to be a much better option than hotels.

  • Stayokay

    We are looking forward to meet the participants of Youth Soccer X in our hostels.

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Youth Soccer X provides good and healthy food from the local region. All Dutch products are prepaired with care. To be able to perform at your best, we provide food with a high energy content

Youth Soccer X offers participants the possibility to use three meals a day. In every overnight accommodation, breakfast is included. Lunch is served on the tournament grounds, between 11.30 and 14.00 hrs.

When teams want to join their dinners at restaurants, that is possible. Youth Soccer Xperience offers a variety of deals with local restaurants. For more information and making a reservation please contact the organization: Two meals are offered in the Stayokay youth hostels. The other three nights the participants are free to choose where they want to eat. It is possible to have dinner in the clubhouse, where a professional barmanager offers a large selection of food and beverages. Teams can book for dinner in the clubhouse, or contact the organization:

Extra meals

On the day before the tournament starts (9th of July), only dinner will be served. On the day right after the tournament (14th of July), only breakfast will be served. Please contact the organization when your team requires additional arrangements, we are more than happy to serve you with this:

Food and drinks are available at every tournament facility in the club houses.

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