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  • Tony Piccinato

    Despite my doubts, youth hostels proved to be a much better option than hotels.

  • Stayokay

    We are looking forward to meet the participants of Youth Soccer X in our hostels.

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General Rules

Youth Soccer X is committed to Fair Play. Therefore Youth Soccer X has a set of Rules.

1. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated on or off the field.

2. Know and understand the laws of the game. Educate players on the technical/tactical/physical demands of the game.

3. Zero tolerance for fighting or heckling. Persons exhibiting these behavior will be asked to leave the premises.

4. Be a positive role model. Set the standard for sportsmanship with the opponents, referees and spectators.

5. Encourage moral and social responsibility.

6. Encourage players to have fun and to keep a positive attitude about winning and losing.

7. Show pride and support for your club, state and country, but be respectful of other nation’s customs and traditions.

Referees will report to the jury inappropriate behaviour from team leaders, trainers, players and the team's supporters in connection with matches. It is the responsibility of the team leaders to make sure that everyone connected to the club/team, including fans and parents, do not behave in a manner that obviously is inappropriate, indecent or damaging the reputation of the sport. Clubs, teams, players or team leaders will be give sanctions from the tournament jury for breaking the tournaments own rules. This can lead to game forfeit, disqualification or other action if necessary.

Any player, coach, spectator or participant who is ejected from a game or participates in any misconduct will be contacted by Tournament Organization; the local authorities may be called if necessary.

We remind you that the hotels and hostels are shared with persons not involved with the tournament and we owe them all our respect. The management of the hostels where the teams are lodged are entitled to cancel the accommodation contract with the teams in case of bad behavior, and the tournament Organization will be able to do nothing about this.

Drugs and alcohol

The Youth Soccer X organization prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol on the fields. Players in violation will be ejected from the tournament.

The Tournament Organization 

The Tournament Organization keeps the rights to make adjustments of the rules and regulations. Any changes to the above rules and regulations will be informed to team leaders immediately trough the Tournament organization. The rules of the Tournament and decisions of the organising committee shall be final and binding to all teams in the tournament.
If weather or the condition of fields makes it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent, the tournament committee will make the necessary decisions concerning the rearrangement or cancellation of games for any reason. Every effort is made to play all games in their entirety. Fees are non-refundable, if games or the tournament are cancelled for any reason.


It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that adequate insurance cover is provided for their players. The tournament organisers and tour organisers are not responsible for damage to, and loss or theft of possessions or equipment of participants or clubs. They are also not responsible for harm or injury to any participants.


For information about sleeping accommodation take a look at our homepage under accommodation.


Transport to and from the airport is controlled by the organization of Youth Soccer X. Same goes for transport to and from the playing fields. Transport is exclusively for teams thus not for accompanying people.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served by the organization of Youth Soccer X. For more information take a look at our homepage under Meals.

Extra days

Youth Soccer X allows you to extend your stay at Youth soccer X. For more information fill in the entry form or contact us by e-mail


Do you want to learn more about pricing please fill in the entry form or send us an e-mail


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