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  • Tony Piccinato

    Despite my doubts, youth hostels proved to be a much better option than hotels.

  • Stayokay

    We are looking forward to meet the participants of Youth Soccer X in our hostels.

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Invitation for referees to participate in Youth Soccer Xchange


Referees, Dutch and international, are invited to participate in Youth Soccer Xperience. The referees will referee four to five matches a day. This is your opportunity to get in touch with other referees and football players from different countries and continents. This will be a great experience for every referee and will improve your skills.


There will be a referee-clinic organized on Tuesday, the 9th of July. This clinic is led by a professional referee. Participants will get lessons and practical training for one day long. This new knowledge can then be applied at the tournament in the next couple of days.

We invite referees for a pleasant stay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Where you may gain many new relations, professionally and personally. Around the tournament there will be enough time for leisure and cultural excursions. 

If you are a qualified referee and interested in refereeing in our tournament, send us an e-mail  to and we will get back to you with further information. 

For referees, we can also assist in travel arrangements. Please click here for more information about how we could assist you to travel to Amsterdam.

If you want to enter as a referee, click here.

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