Youth Soccer X

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  • Tony Piccinato

    Despite my doubts, youth hostels proved to be a much better option than hotels.

  • Stayokay

    We are looking forward to meet the participants of Youth Soccer X in our hostels.

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Tournament rules


The tournament will be played according to the rules of the FIFA and the KNVB, with the exception of details that are explained in this regulations.

Who may participate

All association teams, pro-academies, football clubs and school teams who are members of their FIFA affiliated national associations, are welcome to participate in the Youth Soccer X.

Tournament schedule

All participants will play as much matches as possible. Youth Soccer X lasts 4 days, you play every day.  At Saturday July 13 every team will play a final. The tournament schedule will be showed on the website if we have received all the entry forms.


- each match won gains 3 points
- each match tied gains 1 points
- each match lost gains 0 points

If two or more teams obtain the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows: 

a. Goals scored.
b. Goal difference.
c. In case of equal standings, the match result between equal teams counts.
d. Least number of yellow and red cards. 
e. Penalty kicks according to FIFA rules. 

In case of tie in finals, the match will be decided with penalty kicks (according to F.I.F.A rules).

Duration of play

A junior

30 minutes


B junior

30 minutes


C junior

25 minutes


D junior

25 minutes


E junior

20 minutes


F junior

20 minutes



No overtime will be played during the tournament.
The match schedule will be published on the website by July 10th, 2011.

Age category boys and girls




Born in 1994-1995



Born in 1996-1997



Born in 1998-1999



Born in 2000-2001



Born in 2002-2003



Born in 2004-2005





Born in 1994-1995



Born in 1996-1997



Born in 1998-1999


D-junior Born in 2000-2001



Dispensations are granted to a maximum of three players per team who are maximum one year older

In classes teams from countries that still use the 1st of August limit (mainly USA and England) may also use players 5 months over aged. Girls are allowed to play in boys teams, boys are not allowed to play in girls teams.

Number of teams in the tournament

It is our aim that all teams wishing to take part in Youth Soccer X should be able to do so. But as the first time we start this tournament, we would like to make it small and make sure the quality of organization is good at this first year. The teams paying their entry fees first will be given priority. A club may enter only one team in each age group.


The program will be shown on the website three weeks before the start of the tournament.

The Organization has the right to change the groups, the calendar, the fields and timetables. Notice about any change would be given to each team leader with sufficient time.


Every team must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age, the name, address, and date of birth of this adult must be printed clearly on his team’s registration sheet. This adult will be deemed to be the team leader and he will be responsible for the behaviour of his players, on and off the field of play. He will be held responsible for the actions of his team within the sports complex and within all other facilities available to the team.

List of players

On the arrival day of the teams to the tournament, the Organization must receive the lists of the players inscribed in each team, indicating their names, birth dates and passport numbers.

Age control

The age control of all the players will take place during the arrival day. The team leader must provide the Organization with the original passport of each player.

No player who doesn't present his/her document will be inscribed in the tournament.

Number of players and substitutes

There is no limit to the number of players in each team. However, only 7 substitutes are allowed in each match. No team may use more than 14 players in a match. A maximum of 3 substitutions are allowed (including the goalkeeper) in one match. A substituted player may not re-enter in the match. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

- Prior to a goal kick by either team.
- After a goal by either team.
- After an injury by either team when the referee stops play.
- At half-time.


All teams are required to be present at the pitch, where their match is being played, 5 minutes before start of the game.

 A team’s results will be rendered invalid in the following cases:
- If a team is late for a game without a valid reason. The tournament organization decides what a valid reason is.
- If a team uses an ineligible player,
- If the referee has to abandon a game due to misconduct of players, officials or supporters of that team.

When a player is sent from the field or is given a caution, the tournament organization will be notified immediately after the match by the referee. Any player who has been sent off or has received two cautions in the sections part of the tournament is not eligible to play in the team’s next game. Cautions are wiped at the end of the league section and restart in the knock out section of the competition.


Size No.5 for A, B, C juniors, boys and girls. Size No.4 for D juniors, boys and girls. The teams must bring their own balls for warm-up. 


All participants must carry their own insurance. Youth Soccer X does not carry any group insurance, and is not responsible for protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property.


All Matches will be controlled by referees registered with the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) or other National Football Associations who are members of F. I. F. A. Each team must provide a referees assistant for each game, who must be a responsible person. 

No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee. All decisions by the referee are final.

Football fields

All the fields are of prime quality natural and artificial grass.

Dressing room

Dressing room accommodation is available but limited. We recommend that players from the residences should arrive changed for their games and shower on their return.

Trophies and Medals

- Trophies for top three teams in every category
- Medals for all players in every category
- Medals for most goals scorer in every category
- Medals for goalkeeper with fewest goals scored against in every category
- “Fair Play” trophy for one team
- Medal for MVP
- Trophy for most scoring team





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