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  • Tony Piccinato

    Despite my doubts, youth hostels proved to be a much better option than hotels.

  • Stayokay

    We are looking forward to meet the participants of Youth Soccer X in our hostels.

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Youth Soccer X gives you an extensive choice of sleeping accommodations

Xchange Xperience Xplore

Stayokay is Youth Soccer X’s partner in Xchange. The hostels of Stayokay are extraordinary buildings in beautiful Dutch scenery, and we selected five (of 29) to provide you a choice where to stay. The hostels have a variety of rooms available. In this environment, Xchange is very much promoted between guests, you will have a magnificent Xperience in the hostels with the other guests. Some of them are Youth Soccer X participants as well, others are not! We book these hostels to combine this.

Stayokay wants to be a leading company in overnight stay and food and beverage. They also wish to contribute to a better society, by bringing people(s) together in their accommodations. Stayokay is an environmentally friendly company, as Youth Soccer X is. It separates garbage, uses green electricity, prints environmentally friendly, and serves fresh and biologically friendly food. Stayokay works through the European Ecolabel and they request their guests to cooperate with them! An excellent partner for Youth Soccer X.

European Ecolabel, Stayokay

Stayokay is very Xperienced in hosting groups, especially in sports. The hostels of Stayokay have many recreational facilities. From the hostels, you can Xperience many of the nature around the hostels of local culture.

You can choose your favorite hostel area in the City (Amsterdam or Haarlem) or near the coast/water (Heemskerk, Noordwijk, Egmond). Depending on your side events, you can choose your favorite hostel to stay.







Here you can download the brochure of Stayokay, to learn more about the hostels and the areas in which they are situated. You can also make your personal choice in the number of rooms and their size, to accommodate your group the best.

Of course, you can extend your stay at a Stayokay hostel (or combine it with another one!!) to be able to combine it with a training camp or to be able to make touristic side trips.

It is also possible to spend the night in an other accommodation. For more information contact the organisation of Youth Soccer X

Please mail “” to make a personal offer for your group.

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